ABERDEEN, Md. — It's an interesting time in the world right now. Bars, restaurants and gyms are shutting down due to the COVID-19 outbreak and people are staying home.

But just because you're staying home doesn't mean you can't maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are still plenty of way to workout at home.

Kaleb Hellums who is a trainer in Abilene believes it will be very important to stay active even though gyms are shutting down.

"It's really important to move at home. Whether that's walking around the block, doing push-ups on the counter top or playing with their kids outside." 

While people may be hesitant to workout at home because they are active gym goers, there is plenty of workouts to do at home from Pilates, yoga, running or lifting weights in your living room.

Instead of staying inside all day, make sure to take a run outside, do exercises on your porch or in your backyard so you don't find yourself feeling depressed or lackadaisical. 

Make sure to stay active, wash your hands and stay safe during this time.