Jonathan Bockman was encouraged by his doctor to make a lifestyle change, in order to live a healthier life. After making the change to be a Zumba instructor, he's not only shed the weight but makes an impact on others in the gym.

Bockman weighed 298 pounds when he started this new chapter. He said, "I was on a cane. I have arthritis. I'm an old man. I'm a lot older than I look. Doctor said, 'you don't do something then you're going to be in a wheelchair'."

Bockman said he was inspired to teach Zumba late one night after he saw an infomercial on television. Bockman then became an official licensed Zumba instructor in 2011, who currently works at the San Angelo YMCA.

"I made a 180 degree change. I changed my job. I changed everything," Bockman said.

With dance and exercise, he lost 133 pounds. But it doesn't stop there as his story inspires others.

One San Angelo resident said, "Zumba to me has been a new way of life... Jonathan's story and just his love and passion for what he does and shows all of us, is just helping me now."

A Littlefield resident said, "Come to Zumba and cheers you right up and brightens your day."

People from all over the area are trained by Bockman, but it's not just a work out they get. One attendee said, "It's brought me new friends, new family members.

Bockman said, "I teach more classes now than we have ever had here. So, it's pretty crazy for me."