Our local economy could be getting a big boost.

Today, wind and solar power experts talked about the benefits of investing in those natural resources.

Solar CenTex owner Scot Arey plans to open a solar branch in San Angelo.

He says his company can bring around 7,000 jobs to the Concho Valley.

He also mentioned his solar farms aren’t meant to compete with any other industry in the energy sector.

“Solar is not competing against other energy industries, it’s only complementing it. And with the price of solar right now being as low as it is, it’s going to provide low-cost energy. But on the backside, as a community, it brings great paying jobs. And those jobs will stay here for a really long time,” Arey said.

Right now, Texas ranks in the top 10 solar power usage. But surprisingly states like Rhode Island rank higher.

In wind power, Texas blows away the competition — placing fourth in the world in wind power usage.