BUY IT HERE: 50% Off Get Maine Lobster

Grilling is a summer tradition, but sometimes you want to switch up the usual fare of skewers, proteins, and veggies, and cook up some delicious seafood instead. Get Maine Lobster is a delivery service that takes the hassle out of shopping for lobsters (or depending on the package you choose, other seafood), and ships them straight to your doorstep instead.

These lobsters are hand-selected daily, and the lobster package includes four premium ones weighing in between 1.1-lb to 1.2-lb each. They’re perfect to impress the guests at your next cookout, or you can just whip up a special dinner for yourself.

Drench them in butter, or just enjoy the simple, sweet taste of fresh lobster simply prepared on its own. Usually, this Get Maine Lobster package is $179.99, but you can get it now for $89.99, or half off.

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