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BUY NOW: Best cruise deals you will see for two years

Oceanview rooms as low as $75 per night. Room upgrades. Free pre-paid gratuities. Up to $1500 in on-board credit or in the form of an Amazon gift card. And that's just the start! Say hello to some of the best cruise deals you will see today through 2020.

I'm big on travel. With the amount of money I save living my ultra-frugal lifestyle, I manage to take one vacation per month (sometimes 3 day trips; other times 4 day trips) and I've become an unwilling expert on cruises.

Cruise deals are one of the most common requests I received when I was working for USA Today Travel as a bargain hunter. I generally find cruise deals and offers deceptive and aggravating.

How many times have you seen a "free cruise" or "almost free" cruise advertised? Third parties will lock you in at virtually free nightly rates and then hit you hard with service fees, gratuities and service charges tied to the worst room on the ship from unknown cruise lines.

The round-up I'm presenting to you today is different. The prices are incredibly low but the deals are tied to Carnival cruise lines and the Bahamas / Caribbean from a highly reputable source. The company with which you book is just as important as the company that runs the cruise. World Travel Holdings has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and phenomenal customer service results in all of my tests.

The deals and offers that have just dropped online are valid through March of 2020 and there are also fantastic last minute-options.

You can find the cruise sale right here. Bon voyage!

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