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BUY IT NOW: 55 percent off FIVE TrackR pixel tracking devices with free shipping

According to at least one study, Americans spend more than two days every year looking for misplaced keys, phones and other items. Your time is valuable, and today in my quest to save you cash, I'm saving you time and money!

Just this past week, I managed to lose my wallet in a hotel room (it was under a bed), and I'm particularly proud of leaving my smartphone behind in not one but two restaurants this month. I rely heavily upon a tracking system that is finally on sale today.

I have tested all sorts of Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS tracking devices that include the Tile and my new favorite, TrackR. Today for under $36, you and the people you care about most can track five different items simultaneously.

Simply attach one of the color-coded TrackR pixel devices to a keychain, smartphone, wallet, pet collar or anything else you want to keep an eye on. Paired with an Apple or Android device (or even the Amazon Alexa Voice service in the event you lose your smartphone), you can find anything anywhere.

TrackR pixel is the lightest and smallest Bluetooth tracker on the market and the app (which has been drastically improved since its inception several years ago) allows you to see your misplaced, lost or stolen items on a map in real time.

Additional TrackR features include an alarm that sounds the second an item you care about is moved without your knowledge. You can also share the location of items with family or friends. Perhaps my favorite feature is a free battery replacement program. When any of your Trackr batteries expire, you will get a free replacement battery delivered to you.

Click the play button to see this tracking system in action! 

Features of the TrackR pixel:

  • View your item’s location on a map.
  • Ring and find your missing keys, wallet, bag or any item.
  • Ring and find your phone quickly — even when it’s on silent mode.
  • Find your phone just by asking your Amazon Alexa device.
  • Free battery replacement for TrackR devices.
  • Flashing LEDs will help you locate any missing device.
  • Free TrackR app download, compatible with iOS and Android. 
  • Five-pack comes in black, white, grey, red and blue.
  • Family sharing lets you find and share items with others.

BUY IT NOW: 55 percent off FIVE TrackR pixel tracking devices with free shipping
Was: $79.99
Now: $35.99


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