It's hard to share this sale without sounding like a commercial for Amazon. Since this deal will be picked up all over the country Monday, however, we wanted to be the first to notify you of a pre-Amazon Prime Day deal.

The Amazon Echo - Amazon's Alexa always-connected speaker, smart home command center and source of information - is one of the most popular products in the country.

Today "Alexa" is at "her" lowest recorded price. has cut prices by $50 bringing the reduction down to $130, which is great considering Echo sold at $200 for a period of time.

The Amazon Echo can play all of your favorite music, call you an Uber, answer all sorts of questions, control your lights, entertain your kids and perform as a virtual assistant without any monthly fees.

Why are we seeing the reduction? In my opinion, Amazon is testing demand at price points prior to Prime Day 2017 to gauge consumer interest. This is the lowest price for the Amazon Echo this year and the price will NOT be better on Prime Day 2017.

This is a one-day-only deal and at this price, I don't expect this sale to last long:

$50 Off Amazon Echo Alexa Smart Enabled System + Free Shipping
Was: $179.99
Now: $129.99 **Valid Monday, June 26 only

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