You've likely seen it on countless infomercials. It's now backed by Wolfgang Puck. It supposedly adds flavor and cuts down on cooking time by 70 percent - but does it really work?

The answer is a resounding yes. It cut down on cooking time in five of our tests by 60 - 74 percent! It also cooked the best rotisserie chicken I've ever tasted. In my continued quest to save you time and money, say hello to The Pressure Oven.

The stainless steel steal I just finished testing is about the size of a microwave with the ability to lock in flavor like never before. The Wolfgang Puck pressure oven (tested by viewer request) is a pressure cooker, conventional oven and toaster all built into one.

Click the play button to see the oven (and amazing chicken I made) in action!

- Replaces a traditional oven, toaster and pressure cooker
- Significantly faster cook times
- Large enough to quickly cook a 14-pound turkey
- Ideal for roasts
- Broil and baking capabilities
- The ultimate way to reheat a 12inch pizza
- Locks in flavor and keeps meat / vegetables moist
- Infuses flavors with no basting required
- Lowest-recorded price
- Small footprint
- Built-in timer with auto shut off features and thermostat
- Jam packed with many accessories including backing pan, broil rack and recipe book

$220 Off Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven With Accessories + Free Delivery
Was: $350.00
Now: $129.99

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