Say hello to your new best friend for the BBQ and in the kitchen, and our favorite bargain today! In my continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today I have a deal that is hot in every sense of the word.

You've seen them on TV, you've probably seen them marked up in stores throughout our region and today the silicone BBQ gloves we love are at their lowest price.

The iGlove comes from iMagitek, one of the top product makers for Amazon, and it provides more protection than competing products.

While there are a lot of knock-offs and many gloves that look exactly the same at lower prices or in different colors, the updated for 2017 blue gloves that I tested fits virtually any size hand.

Click the play button to see a grilling expert put his hands directly into 375 degrees of heat using iMagitek gloves.

After testing 8 different pairs of BBQ heat resistant oven and grill gloves, our favorite pair is:

- FDA Approved
- BPA Free
- Heat resistant to 425 degrees
- Great pair of work gloves
- Insulated to handle frozen foods
- Easy to clean
- One size fits all
- Easy to cook with or handle pots of boiling water

77% Off Top Rated iMagitek BBQ & Oven Glove + Prime Shipping
Was: $69.99
Now: $15.99
**Not a Prime Member? Use this trial to score free shipping
***Despite a lot of stock, at this price - expect quick sell-outs!

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