This outdoor game was featured on ABC's Shark Tank, and now it's the hottest game for the summer.

It's good to know the people who read my money-savings columns are more savvy when it comes to outdoor gaming trends. Many of you asked me for a deal on Spikeball, so I had to do my savings research.

I thought it was an anomaly when I saw groups of teams playing the same game in parks not too far from my home. When I learned there are 250,000 Spikeball players in the U.S. and more than a thousand nationally ranked teams, I was even more surprised.

Once I played the game with a group of friends, I quickly understood the infatuation with Spikeball.

Spikeball combines volleyball with a trampoline-like net and components of ultimate frisbee. It's also a tremendous workout (that you don't feel). If you like CrossFit, this may be something you want to consider.

Click the play button to watch Spikeball in action!

This game is getting a lot of national attention. By viewer request, I found the lowest recorded price on Spikeball today with some extra accessories and free shipping. If I had to highlight my favorite features, this is my list:

- Great indoors (if you have space in a wide open basement)
- The ultimate backyard game
- Great for teambuilding
- Fun for teens and adults
- Played best as a two on two game
- Ready for the beach or camping
- Lowest recorded price today

For a link to Spikeball at its lowest recorded price with free shipping, CLICK HERE.

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