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Reports show household bills in San Angelo are some of the lowest in Texas

Data reveals San Angelo is one of the most affordable places to live in Texas.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Good ole' San Angelo, the rural town that’s been in Texas since the 1860s, is now considered one of the most affordable places in Texas to live.

Research from Doxo Insights revealed how residents of San Angelo spend an average of $1,615 a month on the 10 most common household bills. This puts San Angelo's bills at 14.4% lower than the Texas average of $1,888.

“Overall lower housing costs in San Angelo contribute to the lower average bill payments as a whole,” Doxo Associate Manager Aria Thaker said. 

She explained other different bill payments contribute to San Angelo residents having hundreds of dollars in savings compared to Texas neighbors. 

These bill payments include auto insurance where people in this area spend $100/month, compared to the state average of $150/month. San Angelo residents save up to $600/month on auto insurance every year, Doxo reports. 

Some nearby towns have even lower monthly bills include Big Spring, Sweetwater and Abilene.

What may be leading to household bills being as low as they are in West Texas is the migration of people from more expensive states looking to Texas for more affordable living. 

Texas, especially, is an epicenter in the southern US where many individuals are moving, including many from the more expensive California.

“This is definitely something we’ve seen more of since the start of the pandemic. Individuals are choosing to move from larger, expensive metropolitan areas to more rural areas or smaller towns,” Thaker said.

Moving to smaller towns allows many to afford a larger place to live or pay lower rent or mortgage.

With averages being significantly lower than the state and even some national averages, it signifies a positive sign for residents in San Angelo and surrounding towns in West Texas.