Epipen make Mylan accused of overcharging taxpayers by over $1 billion.

According to a new estimate from the Department of Health and Human Services, the company behind the epinephrine injectors allegedly categorized Epipens as generic drugs instead of a name-brand products.

Mylan also allegedly incorrectly classified its signature product under a government rebate program.

This allowed the company to provide Medicaid less in rebates for over 10 years, leaving taxpayers to fit the bill.

In October, after weeks of public criticism and scrutiny from members of Congress, Mylan announced a $465 settlement with the Department of Justice over misclassification concerns.

These new allegations, plus some new calculations are causing some senators to look towards raising the amount of the company’s settlement to $530 million.

A spokesperson for Mylan declined to comment on the estimate on Wednesday.

They did say the company is working with the government to finalize the settlement as soon as possible.