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Why some workers say four-day work week is 'life-changing?'

A huge study is being done with thousands of employees working fewer days.

HOUSTON — Why are more companies testing out a four-day work week? A campaign called 4-Day Week Global has launched a massive experiment in Britain. Thousands of workers in the country have been working four days a week for the last few months.

100% pay for 80% of hours

The employees are still paid the same and are supposed to do the same amount of work, just in four days instead of five. It’s being called the largest experiment of its kind.

New schedule is “life-changing”

So how is it going? According to CNN, some workers are reporting the new schedule has been life-changing. That extra day is being used for everything from housework and errands to rest and relaxation. But that doesn’t mean it has been all smooth sailing.

Streamline workflow automates tasks

Having to do the same amount of work in less time means businesses have had to streamline workflow. Others have turned to automation for more mundane tasks.

Experiment last 6 months

This experiment is scheduled to last six months. It involves over 3,000 workers and 70 companies. It is being done with researchers from Cambridge University, Oxford University and Boston College.

Productivity levels worker well-being

They will be looking at productivity levels as well as worker well-being. In November, the companies involved will decide whether they want to stick with the shorter work week.

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