Some buy it occasionally, others ever day.

“On average, I would say three days a week.”

“Probably four or five times a week when I’m in school.”

But have you ever thought of how much it’s costing you?

“Maybe $30 or $40 a month. It can’t be more than that.”

According to Acorns Money Matters report, out of nearly 2,000 millennials surveyed, 41 percent of them spent more on coffee than investing in their retirement last year.

“I enjoy it, an it’s something that makes the studying and the work maybe a little more enjoyable.”

We caught with some millennials a Fillmore Coffee in downtown Phoenix.

Katie Behm said she’s not one of those millennials.

“My mom worked in the bank and so she made a point of teaching me retirement is important. From a young age, I was already putting money into it, so that’s a habit I have built up over time,” Behm said.

Mina Hirsch said there could be other reasons why some millennials are putting more money into their caffeine fix over retirement.

“I’m not putting money away because I’m not making money, so maybe that shift toward more people in school longer and going back to school is connected,” Hirsch said.

“We live in the moment maybe more than others, so that concept of thinking about the future or retirement isn’t necessarily as big of a deal as it was in the past.”

Both ladies say they buy coffee for the experience, which they budget for.

“With all that said, do you still think you will keep going three times a week?” “Yeah…”

It’s all about budgeting.