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Thrift store offers affordable alternative for back-to-school shopping

Parents are continuing to look for ways to save a few dollars.
Credit: Kami Simmons

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The time for back-to-school shopping is here, and parents continue to look for ways to save a few dollars on clothing and supplies. Going to a local thrift shop might be a great spot to do it as there are various discounted rates. 

Cow Patties Thrift Shop owner and operator, Pattie Stroud, had the vision to provide a store in town where people, including parents with school-aged children, can go to and be able to afford the items. It is now a dream come true at 31 W. Twohig Ave.

For the last five years, the store has sold children's clothing, school supplies, items for babies, and also items for parents, at an affordable price.

"They may find dad a pair of jeans or a shirt, or mom may find a purse in the back while she's looking....men's clothing, women's in the back, and you know, decorations for kids' rooms. It's a variety store. So each week, there's such a variety of things," Stroud said. 

Stroud said she has everything on sale, all of the time, and will continue that throughout the back-to-school shopping season.

"My prices are very reasonable. Most shirts are a dollar to maybe three. Jeans, as I said, are two, three, four, maybe five dollars, for brand new pants. It's a really good place to start with your back-to-school shopping because I have such a variety. You might not find everything, but I guarantee you will find something," Stroud said.

She is continuing to shift items in and out daily. 

"There are thousands. I mean, honestly, there are probably several hundred per rack, and I've got one rack for boys and girls, but there are several hundred items per rack. You know, different sizes," Stroud said. 

Parent Bonnie Bouher said having access to stores with affordable clothing and school supplies is very beneficial for a mom of four. 

"We sometimes, I think, get racked up in thinking that our children need everything new, and that's the only way and if we're not able to provide new that there's something we're doing wrong and that's not the case. Being able to be resourceful with our funds and being able to find those items and find those items that are in great condition," Bouher said. 

Stroud's shop is open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday-Friday and from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturdays. The store closes Monday and Wednesday to reset and reorganize all of its affordable items.

Below are some stores and other places which provide clothing and sometimes school supplies at a low price: