SAN ANGELO, TX — Mosquitos can spread many diseases including Malaria, Yellow Fever and the Zika virus.

So far in 2018 there have been 3 cases of the Zika Virus reported in Texas. Our Brenda Matute spoke to an exterminator who says standing water in an area as small as this bottle cap is enough to attract those pesky blood suckers.

"Standing water in a dormant pool, swimming pool, kiddie pool, wheel barrel, pot plant, even in a small bottle cap," said Patsy McIntire, Bug Express owner.

Keeping mosquitoes off your property doesn't require much work, but it does require attention.

“They like humid areas like under patio tables, they love foliage and vegetation so if it’s really thick you want to make sure you thin it out," said McIntire.

She says if you have pets, you could be harboring one more possible breeding ground for these insects.

"The eggs can stay attached to those bowls and they can stay there numerous days and then when more water comes back they're going to go ahead and hatch," said McIntire.

It also helps to call an exterminator to treat your yard, and try to get your neighbors in on it too.

"Because if you’re just taking care of yours and they’re just harvesting a whole swimming pool full of them because they don’t use their pool anymore then it’s kind of a losing battle" said McIntire.

To keep yourself from being bitten wear long sleeves, pants and mosquito repellent when you’re going outdoors.

"If you’re prone to have mosquito bites don’t be outside at dusk and dawn when they're going to be attacking you" said McIntire.

And mosquitos will swarm wherever water collects so keep a sharp eye out after a storm especially.