SAN ANGELO, Texas — Renters are having a hard time finding an apartment in San Angelo. The City has taken notice and are in the process of starting a housing survey.

The purpose would be to attract builders to the area by providing data on potential renters.

“Who the buyer might be in a lot of cases, so the study will help those builders and developers on a better grip of who those buyers are and the creditworthiness of those buyers and taking the risk out of doing that.” Guy Andrews, City of San Angelo Economic Development Director, said.

Andrews said its short-term residents that are having the biggest issue finding housing.

“Airmen from Goodfellow often have a hard time finding housing, and so we want to concentrate on that; and the students at Angelo State often times have problems finding housing.” Andrews, said.

In the last decade, Angelo State University has seen growth in students.

“When I arrived in 2012, our enrollment was just over 6,700 students and this past year our enrollment was 10,400.” Javier Flores, vice president of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at ASU, said.

The growth could be a reason housing requirements have changed for undergraduate students.

“Our requirement to live on campus has moved from a two-year requirement to a one-year requirement.” Flores said.

According to Andrews, 95 percent of market-rate apartments are currently full.

After the survey is complete, Andrews said he hopes to attract more federal funding to the area.

“Financing for that typically comes from HUD, and for us to get on HUD’s radar we need to give them a copy of these studies, so they can see San Angelo studied this demand they will feel better financing for that type of development.” Andrews said.