What goes well with a great cup of coffee? A great book. Having a story come to life in your hands, well there's nothing quite like it, but the closing of several Concho Valley book stores, readers were left empty handed.

"When our book stores closed down, it closes down book stores for all of the Concho Valley,” Shaunna Russell, owner of Coffee 101 said.

Shaunna Russell, owner of Coffee 101, saw a need. Not just in San Angelo but for the surrounding counties, whose residents do most of their shopping the Lone Star State's “biggest small town.” So, she started a book store, covering four specific categories.

"Primarily Christian resource, bibles, devotionals, all the resources, we're also going to provide homeschool materials, as well as textbooks for the universities, and classic literature,” Russell said.

There are hundreds of families who homeschool in the Concho Valley and thousands of students in higher education.

"I have two kids in college classes and textbooks are just expensive,” Russell said.

New and used books will be up for grabs and donations are accepted, just a few reasons the price you'll pay won't break the bank.

"Being able to provide something at a little lower cost helps the students, helps the parents, helps the families,” Russell said.

While their first bookshelf is set up in coffee 101 for now, the goal is to fill this entire room with books by this summer.