SAN ANGELO, TX — "Lane is 6 years old and he's gonna be in first grade at wall he has a big heart."

"I just wanted to help people."

"He wanted to do a lemonade stand and so I suggested that we pick a local organization that we could give the proceeds to and i told him what rust street did and what their mission was and so lane decided to donate the lemonade proceeds to rust street ministries."

"We do bicycles, food, furniture, clothes, spiritual council we just let our neighbors know that we love them, god loves them and they matter."

"The first time I made $52."

"We're doing one today and we've raised 200 dollars today on Facebook this morning and since we started the lemonade stand this afternoon we've raised about 30 dollars."

"We talked about him possibly buying a toy with the money and then he decided to go ahead and give it all to rust street ministries."

"You give them the money and then they use the money to buy stuff and then they give it to poor people for free."

"We pray for the homeless and the less fortunate every night and so i think its something thats close to his heart."

"Gosh making me emotional, um special, he's a special kid, God's child."