ABILENE, Texas — The National Weather Service issues watches, warnings and advisories that help alert the public when the weather is likely problematic. However, I'd argue there's no other products that are more confusing to the public than these - a watch and a warning.

Forecasters will issue a severe storm WATCH when weather conditions are favorable for severe weather development. Sometimes the ingredients needed to create showers and thunderstorms are present in our forecast, but the weather isn't, for a lack of a better term, "misbehaving." So, you need to WATCH OUT, and be alert. The best way to stay ahead of severe weather is to download our FREE mobile app.

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Meteorologists will issue a severe storm WARNING, when the weather is "misbehaving." This means that you need to take shelter. Seek shelter inside a sturdy building, in the most interior room of that building, and away from doors and windows. Warnings are not issues lightly, and should be followed immediately.

If you don't know where your safety place is, please connect with me on social media. Or, send me an e-mail at racody@foxsanangelo.com.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on-air, online and on your mobile devices.

Stay safe,

Chief Meteorologist Ricky Cody