ABILENE, TX — For 11 years, Michael Degering saved countless lives as an Abilene firefighter.

Off-duty, he served with another brotherhood.

fire family still_.PNG.jpg

"We share the same values the same ideals the same motives of a firefighter in having each other’s back and relying on one another To be there for each other.

Michael was the vice president of the Abilene bike club 'Smoke and Iron'.

It's a name that perfectly suits their style, firefighters who ride iron.

"Firefighting we spend 1/3 of our lives together and the rest of the time we spent on our bikes"

he had three loves: his family, his job, and his bike.

"Mike was the type of guy you would call when you’re sick or your family was sick and he would probably beat you to the hospital.

Today over 40 members of ‘Smoke and Iron took him on their last ride together.

His brotherhood will add Michael’s name to their jackets meaning, his spirit will always ride along.

"On duty off duty .. On bikes not on bikes. We carry them on the back of our cuts.

"That’s what we do we are brothers we are family we help each other out"