ABILENE, TX — A bigger the plate means more fun for Britni.

“Okay. Now let’s put that five on. If you’re feeling crazy, let’s put a ten on.” Brittni Starr said.

While most young women aren’t expected to love heavy lifting, she’s adding another 10 pounds.

“There’s just something so unique about it. Just tugged my heart and always had a place in my heart.” Starr said.

A love for athletics was something she shared with her family.

“My parents and I workout often. So I’ve always kind of been around weights.” Starr said.

Britni found her way on the middle school weightlifting team and carried on with it to Abilene High. It wasn’t long before she caught the coaches attention.

“To be weak and fragile, you know, I’m not for that.” Starr said.

“Whereas others sometimes they see a lot of weight on the bar and they say I can’t do that. Britni’s never told me I can’t do that.” Wyatt Martinez, Abilene High’s Power Lifting coach, said of Starr’s tenacity.

Starr dominated the rack on her way to three consecutive state appearances.

“A lot of heart and a lot of effort and a lot of drive.” Martinez said.

“It came from a lot of support from my teammate and my family and my coaches.” Starr said.

Staying in her weight class became increasingly challenging later into high school. As her senior year approached, she made the choice to move up a weight class.

“I’m not going to go three days without eating and without drinking.” Starr said.

“She couldn’t lift in that weight class anymore. She had to jump up a class to 148.” Martinez said.

“I was going to have to take care of what I needed to.” Starr said.

“I was actually nervous at the beginning of the year that she gets her senior year and she doesn’t qualify for regionals.” Martinez said.

Making a fourth straight state title became more challenging.

“She went into regionals with a chance of making state.” Martinez said.

“And so I was very nervous. I think more nervous than I had ever been.” Starr said.

But with the odds stacked against her, Starr glowed brightest.

“But she pushed herself to get her highest total at regionals to qualify for state.” Martinez said.

“And it’s like so relieving and refreshing and exciting.” Starr said.

“She surpassed my expectations for her.” Martinez said.

“It was like I was already given the trophy.” Starr said.

Her time as a competitive weightlifter ended after her last rep in state. But, the memories under the bar will last forever.