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104-year-old Abilene woman survives COVID-19

Alma Price says her faith and family helped get her through
Credit: Jane Thetford

ABILENE, Texas —
Although statistics were against 104 -year-old Alma Price, her faith was on her side.

"I just felt like i was gone.. my days were up. I was ready for it.. it was just unreal. I kept taking my medicine and asked god to stay with me." Said Price.

According to Price’s daughter Jane Price Thetford, Alma was diagnosed with COVID-19 last November.

"It was November 9th her and my sister both test positive and they took mom in an ambulance and she was very very weak and could hardly hold her eyes open.. it was hard for her to breathe.. I've never in my life seen her that sick." Said Thetford.

Although Alma's road to recovery was a miraculous one.. it was a scary uncertain time for her loved ones. Jane says due to Alma being in assisted living- she was only allowed one hour with her mother. but her whole family was always there in heart

"She said it wasn't her number yet, she has a strong faith and she’s a fighter who never gives up family is very important." Said Thetford.

Alma who was born September 6 ,1916, was two years old when the Spanish Flu pandemic was taking place, now 102 years later would live to see the COVID-19 pandemic. Alma had a career in Abilene in childcare, and believes her strong faith and the support of her family helped get her through her illness. Alma looks forward to more memories with her family in 2021.

"My family is great.. couldn't be better." Said Price.