ANSON, Texas — The lack of a visible address on homes is an issue that has been overlooked, especially in rural communities.

This makes it difficult for first responders to get to your house in case of an emergency.

“We’re having to circle the block you know trying to find the correct houses or getting out, knocking on people doors trying to figure out if that was the house that called 911,” Stamford EMS paramedic, Brad Moncries said.

To tackle this issue, a group of girls from Anson High School are making a difference by painting addresses on the curbside as well as providing numbers for the mailboxes of homes that lack it.

The project is called the Anson Leadership Texas Midwest Community Network Project. It’s the first time the city of Anson is participating.

The students are competing for a scholarship within TMCN. The goal is to complete a service project that would benefit the community.

"I think it’s going to be a really big impact on some people and be life changing,” Anson HS senior, Jillian Thompson said.

This problem also affects postal services and local businesses who deliver to get to your home.

“The postal right now are writing numbers on the front of the mailbox just to have their numbers on their because you get new people in here and they don’t know the town,” project mentor and local business owner, Linda Powell said.

They are estimating that half of the one thousand houses within the city limits need a visible address.

The project idea was presented to the city of Anson and the council agreed to take part of the action by putting money aside for new street signs.

"We need the street signs too because some of them don't have them anymore and that's going to cost a little over $20,000 and we're starting off with $11,000,” Thompson said.

The girls have been collecting donations from citizens, local businesses and selling t-shirts.

The goal is to complete the project by September.

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