SAN ANGELO, TX — At any given time there are hundreds of Concho Valley kids in foster care but there aren't enough homes to place them in. Several agencies got together to fill that need and there are several ways you can help.

"Donate meals whenever a family first gets a placement, donate clothing, just be willing to be there for the foster family, or even to bring awareness of foster care to the area,” Yvonne Velazquez, Case Manager for World For Children said.

You can even be a babysitter, keeping the kids every now and then from a couple of hours to a couple of days. There may be some requirements for that, like CPR certification, but the requirements can vary from agency to agency. The greatest need is for foster parents. The area these agencies cover range from midland to brady.

"Even then we don't have very many homes in the area to cover the kids that are coming into care,” Velazquez said.

So, that means placing kids as far away as Amarillo and Houston, and splitting up siblings.

"We just recently had to split up a sibling group of three and put two in one home and the oldest in a different home and they're very bonded so it becomes very difficult for the children on top of being separated from their parents,” Velazquez said.

With children from our area being placed in foster care and leaving every day, these agencies say the time to answer the call is now and you'll have plenty of back up and support.

"We know it's a very difficult thing. We want you to be foster parents so we're going to wrap around you and we're gonna support you as much as we can. If there's someone willing to take just one child that's going to make a huge difference,” Velazquez said.

To find out more, search “Fostering Concho Valley Kids” on Facebook.

Contact information for anyone interested in becoming a licensed foster home in the Concho Valley!

A World For Children: Yvonne Velazquez 432-270-8180

Arrow: Ashley Hernandez 325-646-4141

CPS/FAD: Mary Durkay 325-657-8944

Children's Hope: Beka Salazar 325-212-3739

High Sky: Staphany Marin 325-947-1793

New Horizons: Leah Neely 325-939-9212

Addy's Hope: Dawn Fee 432-897-1503

Please note that Addy’s Hope is adoption only.