ABILENE, TX — "I’ve been driving for 2 years”- Rideshare driver Dan Carpenter.

Dan is no stranger to the drunks who climb into his backseat.

“I’ve often said I would much rather you spend $15 dollars on a rideshare fare then incur the cost of a DUI. Says carpenter”

Now that’s a small price to pay considering driving over the influence can lead to you being under arrest”

"We will be in full force this weekend" APD’s Rick Tomlin.

APD has enforced a STEP program that started Dec 14 and runs through Jan 2. The program is meant to step up patrol to keep the roads safe.

"To date, we have had 20 DWI citations...so for the next few days we will be looking for offenders of driving while intoxicated ..DWI offenders,” says Tomlin.


Tomlin realizes people will celebrate but has advice on how not to become another DWI statistic.

"The simplest way is not to drink and drive."

"if you decide to drink or partake during the holidays have a plan of action," says Tomlin.

Staying put till you sober up, calling for a taxi, or using a ride-sharing service like Dan... To keep yourself and others safe.

“We are happy to get you there and we will get you back safely,” says Carpenter.