ABILENE, Texas — Students at McMurry University did not have to attend class on Wednesday, Feb. 5, when winter weather that closed down the school. Most students had a list of plans, like a snowman competition and a snowball fight. Even though the school was closed, students knew they didn't have to stress about putting food in their stomachs, because there was one place, and at least one person, ready to make everyone feel right at home. McMurry's school cafeteria was open for lunch and dinner with a familiar and friendly, smiling face greeting students. 

"I just take care of them. I just treat them with respect, and I try to take care of their need as far as food anything they want with food," said McMurry Food Service Director Bobby Larry. He's a bit of celebrity to these students. Larry says he always makes sure they have enough to eat and if they enjoyed their food. "It just makes my day," said Larry "That's why I want to make sure they understand they got another parent here that is kind of helping them through there day."

Larry says he likes to get to know the students by asking about their major, grades and how their day is going. He wants them to feel at home every time they walk into his cafeteria, while they get to eat a home-cooked meal. Most importantly, he makes sure every meal is served with a side of love.