Angelo State University wants to do its part to help Hurricane Harvey victims specifically, their students.

Hurricane Harvey destroying homes, businesses and even schools.

Leaving many students with nothing.
Angelo State University officials say they’re doing all they can to turn that situation around for their students.

They know it’s a painful time.

The ASU faculty is reaching out to students.
For those who are finding it difficult to pay this semester, many scholarships and financial aid opportunities will be provided. There will be financial as well emotional help.

"We have a counseling staff that is ready if the students need counseling at any point sometimes the reaction can be delayed to something like this and anytime they need help we are ready” ASU Director Of Communications Becky Brackin said.

ASU students who are worried about not having a dorm room not need to worry, those rooms will be held until they can make it back.
For students who are in those Harvey stricken areas, Angelo State wants them to know they’re trying to make it easier for them to transfer here so they can continue their education.