It's a first for Angelo State University, they now have over 10,000 students enrolled. As our Senora Scott found out, it was a big goal the university hit ahead of schedule.

The goal to get to 10,000 students was originally set for 2020. That goal now reached three years ahead of time, and if you think it's only local students headed to ASU you’d be wrong.

"Of the 254 counties, we have over 240 counties represented here. We have them from 27 different states and 17 different countries,” ASU President Dr. Brian May said.

With that many new faces, the campus itself is growing, with new buildings springing up all over its 268 acres.

"The archer college of Health and Human Services, which will house nursing and physical therapy. The Hunter Strain engineering building which houses our brand new engineering department. We have a brand new housing development going up on Rosemont,” Dr. May said.

Athletic facilities are also seeing some upgrades and that funding, all from private donors.

"And we're raising more money than the lone star conference put together from the private sector,” Dr. May said.

While the students at ASU might spend a majority of their time on campus, they have a tremendous impact on San Angelo’s economy once they hit the streets after graduation.

"It effects the economy of San Angelo and all of West Texas. We provide the teachers, the nurses, the accountants, the agriculture professionals,” Dr. May said.

However, before they fill those jobs, Dr. May says he hopes their hearts are filled with ASU pride.

"Our first priority is we care about students and when they come here it's like coming home,” Dr. May said.

In his words, ASU is now a destination.