Angelo State University students planted exactly 2,977 flags on campus to remember each person who died during the attacks on 9/11.

Two students told their story:

Kaitlyn Brosh, said, "I was an eighth grader. I remember passing through the halls and teachers had their TVs on and we all thought that was weird that the teachers had their TVs on. And getting into my literature class and having our English teacher explain to us what was going on and spending most of the day watching news footage."

Sara Lamog, said, "I remember going into my living room and seeing my dad in front of the TV crying. So yes, I was a young-n. So when I see memorials like this, it's a reminder. I always wanted to help people, so I think that was a principle in my life that I just, I knew I wanted to help people. So my decision since then was going into public service and helping others so ultimately we can help rebuild this country."

This memorial is located at the main mall by the library.