SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — When we hear about sharks, we often think of attacks or portrayals like "Jaws." But OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale is hoping to expand your shark knowledge with "Jaw-Some July." 

"We do our best to learn about these sharks because they're known as Apex predators and they actually control the ecosystem that they live in," Erika Shen, an Animal Care Specialist with the aquarium, said. 

The aquarium has 50 different sharks spanning 15 different species. 

As part of "Jaw-Some July" the Aquarium is doing public feedings of sharks so guests can learn more about them. 

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Hands-on activities with kids, and Q & A sessions with Animal Care Specialists on sharks are also offered daily.

Tickets and more information can be found the OdySea Aquarium website.