ABILENE, Texas — Alantria Monek Smith was nervous to be a first-time mom and to enhance that excitement, she was pregnant with twins.

Life threw her a curveball when her twin babies came months before their due date.

Now Aja, and Kyrie are 10-month-old, but their lives haven’t been carefree.

Kyrie suffers from a rare liver disease that will require a transplant.

After spending nearly 30 days in the NICU, it took a toll on the new mom.

“I was at new levels of stress, it's hard to see your baby and not know what you can do to help,” said Smith.

The stress led to a decrease in her breast milk production, which she desperately needed to get her babies back to health.

That’s when she made a post on FB.

“I learned to give up my pride when it comes to my kids… it's okay to ask for help” said Smith.

The outpour of support has been way more than she imagined with dozens of mothers in-boxing her to donate their breast milk to her babies.

Smith says they are all apart of her family's journey.

"I want moms who can't produce enough for their babies or their baby sick or has disease or illness that they need the milk... It's okay to speak up its okay to ask for help"said Smith.