Texas economy, still going strong despite oil booms and busts. A lot of that success is thanks to small businesses. KIDY's Senora Scott went to the governor's small business forum today to see if programs, presentations, and initiatives like that actually work. She joins us with details.

Dozens of small business owners pulled up a chair at the governor's small business forum Thursday at McNease Convention Center. While there was a lot of talking, the lone star state actually puts those words into action.

The forum is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the like who need the tools and resources to get started. What are those resources? Tax incentives and credits: these are given to businesses who hire people from certain groups who usually get overlooked for a number of reasons. Training and education were other talking points, workforce solutions in San Angelo is just one provider of these incentives.

Gregg bowman is a small business owner who actually has two business in San Angelo. One of them has been going for over two decades. He told me the mindset today was all about helping people.

"That there's help for the small business person, and they've just got to learn how to access it and take advantage of it. I have two businesses and both of them were predicated on giving someone else a job and opportunity to lift themselves. It wasn't really about me," Bowman said.

Texas is even our own biggest promotor. There is the Go Texan initiative, which turned 15 this year. It’s all about connecting Texas businesses and products to consumers all over the state, nation, and world.