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TABC suspends Whiskey Girl's liquor license for 30 days

The Abilene bar is one of two bars in Texas who did not comply with Governor Abbott's order to shutdown bars Friday

ABILENE, Texas — According to a press release from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, TABC agents visited 628 bars across Texas Friday night, finding just 30 bars open in violation of the governor's executive order.

After TABC agents spoke with management and provided them with the executive order, 28 bars agreed to shut their doors. Two remained open, defying the governor's executive order. The Whiskey Girl of Abilene was one of the establishments in non-compliance.

"We didn’t exactly comply we were supposed to close Friday at noon by Governor orders, I stayed open. Once again. TABC came in Friday night and said we are supposed to be closed we said we understand. But we said we respectfully decline to think we have the right to be open". Said Coy Chew, Owner of Whiskey Girl.

According to Chew, the very next day, Saturday, June 27th, TABC suspended his liquor license for 30 days.

"There was no fine attached or anything like that its not a hard hit on my liquor license that will keep me from getting my renewal or anything like that". Said Chew.

Chew says, he understands TABC was doing their job but he plans to take legal action against the state of Texas, for singling out bars.