Continuing their pursuit of the fastest song identifier and true love, Fox’s Beat Shazam and The Love Connection gear up for another week of entertainment.

“Making people laugh, entertaining them and warming their heart at the end of the day, ‘cause there’s a lot of heartwarming stories on the show. This show is all about heart from beginning to end,” Andy Cohen, host of The Love Connection, said.

“We give the contestants an opportunity to change their life. Then we serve the entertainment part of it – is that I’m hosting it, bringing the life along, making sure the contestants are cool, bringing my friends around,” Jamie Foxx, host of Beat Shazam, said.

Shazam’s DJ October Gonzales is impressed with the caliber of contestants.

“There was a team that would hit the button within literally the first, first note the song played. It was shocking, pretty amazing. These teams are absolutely genius when it comes to music,” Gonzales said.

As for The Love Connection, Cohen says sometimes his guests forget to turn on their filter.

“Who asks his date how much she weighs on their first date? I mean, people blow me away by their lack of thought sometimes,’ Cohen said. “But, you know what? At the end of the day, we make some real love connections.”