At this morning’s council meeting, City Engineer Russell Pehl said ‘Bell Street is happening’. Now it's just a matter of tying up loose ends before construction can begin.

"We can see construction start as soon as April or May of this year," said Pehl.

The city will begin looking for the lowest bid, or estimated cost, to begin construction on Bell Street by the end of January.

"We open bids on Jan. 30 and once we open the bids it takes another month or two to complete the negotiations of the contract,” said Pehl.

After a bid is settled on, Pehl says the contract then has to be approved by the city council.

"We'll be starting construction on the utility infrastructure underneath the street first," said Pehl. “The latter part of the project will be the streets, doing the cleanup work, and the sidewalks, and the traffic signals.”

So, just how long will it take to complete the project?

"Roughly three to four years is what it will take to do the rehabilitation of Bell Street,” said Pehl.

Pehl says other streets that the city is working to fix include Southwest and College Hills Boulevard.