For those of you that have kiddos, taking them to the grocery store may seem like a crazy idea. However, as our Senora Scott shows us, those trips could be used as teachable moments.

Grocery shopping is something we all have to do but if you're a parent, you know the struggle is real. However you might be doing your family a favor by taking them along.

"Eva is 4 and a half, Georgie is 2 and a half, and Augie is 1,” Bartl said.

Noelle Bartl, mom of three has gotten to be a pro at shopping her these little helpers.

"They help me bag, they're really great in the produce section they open up the bags and help me put things in and always ask me what we're getting,” Bartl said.

She and her kids love getting out and about - but she also sees those trips to the grocery store as opportunities to teach her kids about food and how trying new things isn't scary.

"Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t’,” Bartl said.

One reason behind her methods;

"We have lots of allergies so I'm always teaching them about different food and always trying different things because there's so much they can't eat,” Bartl said.

Noelle says her family eats healthy and cooks together often. Lessons she says are being taught less and less in today's society.

"I want them to have a healthy and fun view of food. I want them to think, this is fun it's enjoyable to cook, and I want them to have a lot of good memories of cooking with me,” Bartl said.

Cooking together and preparing healthy meals can help kids make smart choices later in life. According to the CDC, one in five school aged children is obese. They offer these tips and suggest balancing calorie consumption with at least 60 minutes of moderate activity each day.

A bit of advice from Noelle;

"They always eat what we eat. I don't make special meals for them. There have been hard moments especially when they're younger and developing their taste buds but if you stick with it, those hard couple of months make it so much easier,” Bartl said.

It's also an opportunity to teach kids about where food comes from; gardens, farms, and ranches, and that it doesn't just magically appear on the supermarket shelves.