SAN ANGELO, TX — From the City of San Angelo:

The boil-water notice issued Tuesday remains in effect. City of San Angelo water customers are urged to limit their consumption to essential usage. Non-essential usage includes watering landscapes, washing vehicles and clothes, and taking baths (which use more water than showers). Citizens are also encouraged to take short showers, to use paper plates to minimize dish-washing, and to monitor toilet flushing. Maintaining normal pressure throughout the water system is one of the factors necessary to lift the boil-water notice. Also, maintaining sufficient pressure in the system is necessary to provide adequate public safety.

Water Distribution crews are working as diligently as they can to repair the water main break that precipitated the boil-water notice. The break occurred in an isolated area of southwest San Angelo Tuesday afternoon. That complicated locating the break, which depleted much of the system of normal pressure. Water has been rerouted to ensure service to all areas of the city. The timetable for completing the repairs and lifting the boil-water notice is currently undetermined.

Updated information will be provided as soon as it is available to the local media and posted on the City’s website at and on the City of San Angelo-Public Information Facebook and the City of San Angelo Twitter pages.