A burglar was caught on camera breaking into a home in San Angelo.

Video surveillance in the home catches the thief as he gets away with a six pack of margarita bottles and a bottle of wine, said George Gallegos, the homeowner.

Through the phone app, Canary, Gallegos received word his home was broken into.

"I got an alert on my phone, I looked at it, went to the [phone] application opened it up, and I could see the guy in there walking around the house," Gallegos said.

Gallegos and his wife were out of town at the time of the robbery.

He says the investment in the digital security system was money well spent.

"It's priceless from a situation like this," he said.

Gallegos was able to pull pictures from the video and upload them to his Facebook page.

The post has received a lot of social media attention with more than a 1,000 shares.

"All of this has been done telephone, online, I posted the pics online on Facebook," he said.

Gallegos is now working with the San Angelo Police Department in identifying and catching the robber.