As automakers compete to develop the best technology to put in our cars, more and more hackers are fighting to find that gaping hole that can allow them access to your vehicle.

"If they've got the right computer technology, they can definitely access anything they want as far as things in your car,” said Auto Technician Roman Martinez.

He says hackers are looking for loop holes in technology to control devices in your car.

“The pecium powertrain control module and engine control module, those can be hacked," said Martinez.

In layman’s terms, that’s the brain of your car.

Shane Bearden with Ric Henry’s Auto Service says specific parts of your car can also be tampered with.

"They can actually hack into your ABS system and prevent it from working the way it's supposed to,” said Bearden.

And something as important as your brake system is the last thing anyone wants to lose control of when behind the wheel. So automakers have set up routine maintenance to help customers out.

“Just like computers get software updated, these vehicles also have updates where they should prevent anyone being able to hack them" said Martinez.

And Bearden adds to always stay up to date with manufacturers.

"Check for recalls, it’s probably the most important thing you can do," said Bearden.

As cars continue to go online it seems like the possibility for vulnerabilities will grow as well.