With school back in session, some parents may be wondering what path their kids will take after graduation. Some may choose college, some may choose something else. Our Senora Scott shows us a few opportunities the Marines can offer.

"You really can't beat the job security and the training that you get. The comradery is excellent,” Captain Michael Frieberger said.

That's Captain Michael Frieberger. He promoted recently, and with a new rank comes a new opportunity.

"A student at VMFAT 101 training to be an F18 Hornet pilot,” Capt. Frieberger said.

He's been a marine since 2012 and already has plenty of flight training but is even more excited about manning this aircraft. I asked if he had any advice for high school students.

"Work on your physical fitness first of all but make sure your grades are good. The only real way to make yourself stand out to any selection board is to have a high GPA and that really comes down to hard work,” Capt. Frieberger said.

Speaking of hard work and physical fitness;

"As a female of Marines, it's a lot easier to shine in a positive light if you can keep up with the men,” Sgt. Aurora Champlain said.

Females may have a slightly tougher time but Sgt. Aurora Champlain tells me, her competitive spirit drives her to exceed expectations. She also strives to be the best at her MOS or in civilian terms, her job.

"And as far as the knowledge of knowing your MOS, as long as we can do it better than our peers we can hold that positive spotlight,” Sgt. Champlain said.

Her advice for students:

"Every time you make those goals, make new goals, as long as you've got goals set out for yourself and you're striving to complete those goals then you'll never do wrong,” Sgt. Champlain said.

While these jobs are available - you don't have to be a pilot or military police.

If you're a musician, how about playing for the marine band, and one day possibly playing for the president? If you're a swimmer, there's plenty of opportunities for you too.

Have experience with firearms? Well you'll get that here no matter what, but if you're an expert, you could become an instructor.

How about a journalist? Yep, marines have their own publications and broadcasts.

If you don't have experience with any of the positions, don't worry, all the training and education is provided. After all, you don't join the Marines, you become one.