Fox recently caught up with country singer-songwriter Chris Janson after what he calls a “friend club party,” where he did a 500-plus person meet and greet.

“I have a lot of families that have been traditionally been the root foundation of what I’m about. I’m a family man, I’m a dad and a husband. So, I have a lot of kids, so it’s a mixture of everybody, but I recognize a lot of young faces in the crowd today and what’s interesting is, they’ve grown up.”

He also has a lot of friends in the business – including Luke Bryan, Michael Ray and LoCash, who joined him for one of his latest videos.

“I’ve known all those guys for a long time, and I just picked up the phone and texted them and called them and said, ‘Would y’all want to be a part of this?’ and they all said, ‘Absolutely,’ so that just goes to show you that friendships can be built in this crazy business that we have and it means a lot to me.”

The setting for the video was close to his heart.

“It was at the farm that Kelly and I just bought back. The place where we had our first date, was my bachelor pad and we sold it when we got married to put some money in the bank and pay off all of our debt and then about three months ago, we bought it back.”

When it comes to his downtime, this family man said it’s mostly whatever his wife and kids want to do.

“I draw and paint, and so I do that. I love to skateboard, I have a great passion for that. In my free time, since you asked, I love to hunt, I love to fish and I love to do anything my kids want to do and whatever Kelly wants to do. I think going to T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods is like a date, so we just pile in there and go buy a candle or something. We are so blessed. We love our life, and we live by it.”

Janson just released his Fix A Drink EP and is on a summer tour with Sam Hunt and Maren Morris.