CHRISTOVAL, Texas — Eighteen miles from San Angelo, bird enthusiasts can watch hummingbirds at the wildlife exhibit, Hummer House, as the bird migrates through Christoval.

“The only thing I have done over the years is enhance it by starting with a experimental feeder from there its grown into the largest feeding stations in the state of Texas and the United States,” Dan Brown, Hummer House owner, said.

Brown has been studying and observing hummingbirds for half a century and said Christoval is a top place for hummingbirds to call home.

“I started feeding 55 years ago and its grown and it started as just a hobby I didn’t know what I was doing,” Brown said.  

It is not just Brown's feeders that are bringing the hummingbirds to Christoval, Brown said it’s the habitat the town naturally provides.

“Sugar water that’s their jet fuel that enhances them,” Brown said.  

Brown said the habitat will always be in Christoval, but is happy to see people take interest in his favorite animal.    

 “What we’ve done has stimulate lots of people to feed hummingbirds and I get so tickled when people say I’m going to steal some of your hummingbirds. No what you are doing is starting another population someone where and I’m proud of that,” Brown said.