The San Angelo director of Family and Neighborhood Services announced his newest assistant director Tuesday at the McNease Convention Center.

Morgan Chegwidden, the city's former budget manager, will step into the position effective immediately, according to a city press release.

The city says Chegwidden will continue to assist the finance department as they form the 2017-2018 budget.

The new assistant says her new title is a dream come true and will continue the city's effort in the spay and neuter ordinance.

Chegwidden is replacing its former assistant director who resigned amid controversy after a dog was euthanized at the Animal Shelter.

"If we do have something to improve we're going to keep doing those things [necessary to improve]," she said. "I think that, some of the public relations that we've seen lately is part of our growing pains. We're not the old animal services anymore we're the new animal services and so that comes with its own set of challenges."

In addition to overseeing the Shelter, Chegwidden will manage city code compliance, Community and Housing Support, and WIC.