When we think of Airbnb you might think of a home away from home. Many families use them as an alternative to staying in hotels, whether it be for comfort of affordability. In legal terms it's called a short term rental and it was causing quite a stir at city council Tuesday.

"We have a beautiful home and we have everything in place. We have a contract, and we're going to do everything we can to make it a nice place for people to visit" said Michelle Babiash, Lake Nasworthy lake house property owner.

Surrounding neighbors came forward at the city council meeting to protest, saying noise and traffic would be too much of an issue if the Babiash couple frequently rented out their home.

“We've lived in our property for two and a half years, we've had multiple parties and gatherings and we've never had a complaint,” said Babiash.

The couple lives right on the corner of Knickerbocker Road and says there's plenty of noise near their street but it's not coming from their house.

“We do have two commercial properties next to us, we have the church on one side, and the church lake house on the other where there’s constantly events going on,” said Jodi Babiash.

These homeowners say their lake house shouldn't be an exception to the ordinance already in place regarding short term rentals in the city of San Angelo.“I truly don’t think it will affect any of our neighbors,” said Babiash.

Despite arguments from neighbors and the denial by the planning commission, city council approved the couples appeal.