The City of San Angelo has named two sites available for citizens to drop off limbs torn from trees in Saturday morning's storm: 

The Lake Operations facility at 2301 Fisherman's Road (the corner of Fisherman's and Knickerbocker roads); and
The parking lot at Foster Communications Coliseum, 50 E. 43rd St.

Each of the drop-off points will be marked with orange traffic barrels.

Only trees and shrubbery should be brought to the sites. Please do NOT take construction debris to the drop-off points. Removal of construction debris should be handled through a homeowner's insurance claim.

If a homeowner cannot transport limbs and damaged shrubbery, that vegetation should be left on the front curb. Please do not push or leave debris in the street. City Street and Bridge crews will be collecting limbs left on curbs, though that work will continue for several weeks.