SAN ANGELO, Texas — Free microchips for dogs will be available from noon-4 p.m. Friday, May 31, through Sunday, June 2, at Food King, 1926 N. Bryant Blvd. 

A press release from the City of San Angelo said the free microchip clinic is an effort by the City of San Angelo’s Animal Services division to proactively return lost pets to owners in a neighborhood that produces the most reports of stray dogs.

The goal, the release said, is for animal control officers to be able to identify strays as owned pets in the field. That will allow them to return dogs to their homes without taking it to the shelter. If animals must be taken to the shelter, the identifying chips will allow the City to contact owners to retrieve their pets.

Animal Services division received sponsorships to offer 300 microchips at no cost to families in need. No cats will be microchipped during the three-day event.