The city of San Angelo is offering a solution to the flooding problem on Avenue P.

"People in that neighborhood has been looking for a resolution for 50 plus years," said Jesse Martinez, San Angelo resident.

On Monday, the city hosted its third public forum on Avenue P in the last 18 months. During this forum, they announced they will be putting in a detention pond.

"That detention pond will hold the water and it will slowly be released over a 24 or 48 period of time depending on the amount of water," said Harry Thomas, City Council member for single district 3.

The new pond will be located off of old Knickerbocker Road by the new Ener-Tel property.

"It's going to be upstream of Avenue P and catch all of the headwater up above it to release it down to that area," said Russell Pehl, city engineer for the city of San Angelo.

KIDY spoke with one homeowner who said the flooding gets so bad, it comes up to his doorstep. He offered a suggestion of installing drains on Avenue P. However, the city said it is difficult to do so.

"We don't have enough fall or slope of the natural terrain to accommodate for drainage systems," Pehl said.

According to the city, most of the flooding on Avenue P comes from west San Angelo. Many businesses like the new HEB have a detention pond. The city has seen success from those businesses, so they want to try it out on Avenue P. The city has set aside 2.44 million dollars for the entire project.

The project is still in the design phase, but they hope to start construction this summer.

"Citizens are either going to be saying hey it worked or you guys didn't do enough," said Thomas.

The city also plans on fixing the drainage issues on College Hills Blvd. and Bell Street. College Hills Blvd. is currently under construction.