The San Angelo Heritage and railway Museum lease is coming to an end on September 15.

A new lease is in the making that could potentially change many aspects of the museum.
The railway museum president believes it could shut down. But there’s once city official defending that new lease.

"They said no we want to not have to pay anything” Railway and heritage Museum David Wood said.

A building that belongs to the city “The Railway and heritage Museum has a lease from the city that promised to pay rent and some of the maintenance for years to come. But it’s the new language in the lease that could stir things up. I sat down with city manager Daniel Valenzuela and he says all they want: is to compromise.

"There are certain responsibilities that are spelled out on the agreement things that the city takes care of and then certain things that they do” City Manager Daniel Valenzuela said.

But the dollar a year amount for the lease isn’t the issue. Instead it’s who will be responsible for the maintenance of the building.

"Were looking at an agreement that would be similar to other agreements that we have for other groups non-profits which we provide the use of the lease of the property for a dollar a year and they provide the maintenance for that property” Valenzuela said.

As far as how much money the city has given to this museum 14 to 16 thousand dollars a year. In 20-16 alone approximately 20 thousand in expenditures. Museum President David Wood just wants a bit of help from the city to keep this railway alive.

"I like to ask for the support of the council in maintaining some of the expenses” Wood said.

"it's unfortunate again that we did have members of the board that came and spoke at the city council meeting yesterday and what they were saying is that we were trying to kick them out of that building that discussion we never had” Valenzuela said.

"We understand the importance of being able to share our history and our heritage with our kids and even visitors to our community” Valenzuela said.

A meeting between the city and museum will happen next Thursday with ultimate goal from both sides: to come out with an understanding.