As a result of storm damage the city of San Angelo is requesting the assistance of government aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"We can possibly qualify for assistance for small businesses, loans that would go to small businesses, individuals," Steve Mild, emergency management coordinator from the Office of Emergency Management, said.

Mild says the aid will assist those who were hit with damages and to assist with paying non-insured repairs that have been completed.

"When that money becomes available, it's available in the form of a loan, it's not a handout it's not something that is just given to you that you're not going to have to repay," he said.

The paperwork to officially declare a local disaster is already in the works Mild said.

Once it is reviewed the state will asses whether the city and county qualifies for the aid.

According to the city, to qualify for the loans, the repairs must be completed, and there must be photographic documentation of the damage, three estimates of repairs, and receipts for all work done.

Mild urges residents affected to document every step along the way.

"They're are going to be a significant number of people who are needing to take advantage of that available money, to be able to help them get back on their feet," Mild said.